Seule à Paris … Sauf les Hommes

Alone in Paris … Except for the men.

While Ryan was in the US, I had the opportunity for a quick solo trip to Paris. Where I got to eat my fill of crepes:
cream spinich, bacon, cheese, tomato
chocolate, peaches, chantilly

I also went to see a movie one afternoon – figuring it would be nice & relaxing. And since the French don’t dub over all of their movies like the Italians do, I decided to find one in ‘Version Originale’. Of course, I’m so out of touch with current showing in the US, that I didn’t know anything about any of the movies. So … I looked at the posters and picked the one that looked like a romantic comedy. It was called “The first one who said it” – and I figured it was talking about the first one to say ‘I love you’ or something.
So, I settled into the very back corner of the theater, and got ready to enjoy the show.
And I almost burst out laughing when I realized that ‘Version Originale’ in this case was an Italian movie, with french subtitles. Doh. Oh, and the part about “The first one who said it?” that turned out to be referring to the first of two brothers to admit to his traditional Italian family that he was gay. So, not quite what I had expected.

I learned some other fun things in the theater too, from the commercials for soda and candy beforehand, which said in small letters at the bottom:

“Pour votre sante’, eviter de grignoter entre les repas.” – For your health, avoid snacking between meals.
“Manger et bouger” – Eat and move.

On Sunday I was up early, and everything was closed.
So I found a shop by Pompidou for a croissant and juice, and I wandered around to kill some time.
A guy ran across and down the street to tell me that I was beautiful. He didn’t give up easily, and even after I said I was married he said he wanted to give me his number so I could call him if I ever divorced. “Hmm… that was interesting,” I thought. It’s not too often that someone chases me down the street to hit on me. After that, I ignored the next young man who ran after me.

It would be a little while before the Pompidou was open, so I sat down on a bench on a bridge over the Seine. From there I could look left and right at beautiful parisian architecture, and a man was playing an accordian in the background. The accordian is quinticentially and beautifully Parisian for me. It was gorgeous.

I next wandered through the Centre George Pompidou … where I remembered that I don’t like modern art that makes absolutely no sense. Really – your random wooden posts with huge nails are not reminiscent of your childhood home … they’re reminiscent of a broken set of lincoln logs. But there was a fun ‘Dreamland’ exhibit – with pictures, sculptures, and constructions of fantastical places.

Then I had crepes + cidre again: Amazing chevre, bacon, tomato and oregano.

I soaked in the ambiance some more, reading a book, drinking a beer at an outside table at a cafe. Where, Parisian style, I sat facing the street so I could watch the passers by. The waiter gave me a cheerful ‘A Demain’ as I left. Then On my way to the movie theatre from the cafe, a man walking the other way ducked his head briefly closer to me and said “Tu es charmante” (“You are charming.” – How can a girl *not* love Paris?)

Later that evening, I finally got to see Eclipse – in English. There are only a few theaters in Rome that show English language movies … and usually there’s only one movie choice at any given time, so it was a real luxury to see an English movie. Where I received yet a few more healthy hints:
“pour votre sante’, manger au moins5 fruit et legumes/jour” – for your health, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day.
“Eviter de manger trop grasse, trop sale’, trop sucre'” – Avoid eating things that are too fatty, too salty, or too sugary.

For dinner I found an overpriced but delicious steak dinner … complete with french red wine.

For my last lunch I had, predictably, crepes + cidre! (lardons, tomates, epinards a la creme, chevre + beurre, sucre, canelle, et glace vanille)

It’s pretty great to get to spend some restorative ‘me time’ in Paris.

Oh, and my research netted me this:
Creperie de Josselin (best in Paris … if you go at 3p, they’re open, and there’s no line)
67 rue du Montparnasse
014 320 93501

Creperie Manoir Breton (Right near the first one … and less likely to have a line. And almost as good.)
18 Rue Odessa
+33 1 43 35 40 73 ‎


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