St. Andrews – Scotland

On the 18th Green

On Sunday we took a trip to St. Andrews. The Old Course at St. Andrews is a public course, and on Sundays anyone can walk the course. I’m nowhere near a good enough golfer to play it, so walking it was perfect.

The crew on the 18th Fairway

We were lucky to have an absolutely beautiful day. (It actually rained surprisingly little during our visit to Scotland.) It was amazingly windy … which I would imagine would make a round of golf even more difficult. My Dad tells me that one’s whole golf game has to change in the winds of Scotland – if you hit the ball too high – the wind will blow it way off course.

We even posed on the bridge where Jack Nicholas waved good bye to golf … or something.

Now that is a sand trap.

The terrain of the golf course was unbelievable. I’m pretty sure if I fell into one of those sand traps, I’d need a ladder to climb out. And the only way I’d get a golf ball out of there would be with a hand wedge.

Look, Ma! I found Dad!

Just a street over from the golf course, we stopped for lunch at the Dunvegan hotel … where, among many group photos of golfers who have lodged there, I found a picture of my Dad on the wall!

Atop the castle ruins

Our next stop was a ruined castle … with the backdrop of an amazingly dramatic sky.

Ryan’s the king of the castle!

Abbey Ruins

The last stop in St. Andrews was the Abbey ruins, which were hands-down amazing. We wandered along bright green grass, among beautifully carved stones, and inside a roofless, ruined Cathedral. It was so beautifully gorgeous and peaceful.


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  1. Elaine

    Kate, that was fun, seeing you pointing at a picture of Dad at the Dunvegan.

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