Edinburgh ‘n’ Whiskey

Edinburgh & Whiskey

In front of Edinburgh Castle

In August we took advantage of a friend’s birthday (and cheap fares on Ryan Air) to take a boys trip to Scotland. Well… a boys trip where the girls were invited.

B&B Row

We started out in Edinburgh – where we must have gotten the last possible room at the last possible bed & breakfast. The Fringe Festival was in town – a huge festival of dancing shows, drama shows, and comedy shows. The B&B was a little hilarious, every available space was filled with glass shelves and china, and the living room even had a little doll sized chair with a doll in it.

English Pub

After checking in, we headed for food – and we stepped in to an adorable pub where we loaded up on british stews, hard cider … and the boys had their first whiskeys.

Mob Scene for Fringe Fest

On Saturday we had a hearty Scottish Breakfast (complete with Haggis) and then headed out to check out the city … and ran smack dab into the Fringe Fest. The streets were packed with people, and performers, and people waving fliers in front of us to advertise their shows.

Atop Edinburgh Castle

When we made it through the crowds … we headed to Edinburgh Castle – where we got to tour the medieval castle, and see views over the whole city. We also got to see a reentactment of a Scottish soldier being checked for appropriate dress… including the part where the senior officer uses a polished metal rectangle to check under the kilt. Apparently a solider is only permitted to wear undergarments : for formal dress, with a medical waiver, and when dancing with a lovely young lady. Hm… good to know.

The Boys ... and a huge whiskey collection.

Lunch was a quick yorkshire pudding (for me anyway) and then we headed to “The Whiskey Experience”. The Whiskey Experience is a touristy, but fun adventure into the world of scotch. It started with a ride where we learned about how whiskey is made. After the ride, we had a whiskey tasting… where we learned about the regions of scotland and tasted whiskey from the region that most interested us. Ryan and I both enjoyed the smoky Whiskeys of the Islay region. :)

Discussing the whiskies

Of course, after tasting one whiskey, we decided we *must* taste whiskey from all four regions … just be sure.


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