Un Fine di Settimana per le Donne

A Girls’ Weekend – At the Thermal Baths in Ischia

View of Ischia from the Balcony

In late July apparently several husbands had conspired to be out of town at the same time, so the ladies took advantage of the opportunity for a girls weekend to Ischia – an Island in the south of Italy.

Chilling out on the Train

We started the weekend right with wine and snacks in the train on the way down. The week began to melt away as we drifted away from Rome.

But I love the TOP bunk!

When we got to the hotel, we settled into the bunk beds … Wait, bunk beds? Yeahhhh. Welcome to Italy, where no matter how much you pay for a hotel, the beds always suck. Good thing we had had enough wine that we could laugh about anything. ;)

Ah sunset - a perfect backdrop for aperitivi.

We quickly regrouped on the balcony of the other hotel room for wine and cheese before dinner.

I was there with the sunset too.

We had dinner in town one night, and at the hotel one night. But we had aperitivo on the balcony every night. With the view, and the sunset … how could we not?

Atmosphere and Landscaping at the Baths

But the highlight of the whole weekend was clearly the Poseidon baths. They cost about 30 euro per day, and you were *required* to wear a really ugly swim cap… but the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. The whole thing was near the base of the Island, so the mountains formed the backdrop on one side, and the ocean on the other. Some of the girls started off with massages, but myself and one other girl saved our money and relaxed with prosecco overlooking the complex … and the beach, and the mountains.

One of the many baths

When you arrive at the baths, they give you an instruction sheet for the order in which to go in each pool – you work your way up in temperature until 45 degrees celsius … and then you’re supposed to end at 15 degrees. There was a whole lot of propoganda on the instruction sheet that explained why getting into warm pools aids your digestion, and your health. I don’t know what it does for my digestion … but it certainly was good for my mental health!


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