Ti Giuro, Viviamo a Roma

I Swear to You, We Live in Rome

Yeah, I know … it’s like we don’t even live in Rome anymore. We’re noticing that too. As I write this, I’m on a work trip where I’ll be gone for a week. And as soon as I get back, we’re headed to the states for two. But I will say, that part of what happens when I get behind on my blog posts is that the most interesting thing to post about are things that I have pictures for. Of course, I actually have lots of other little notes about random things that I intend to post about as well. We’ve gotten a couple of comments about whether we actually work anymore or not … and we do. We just take advantage of as many three day weekends as we can to go see something else. :)

Anyway, check out what I found! Pictures from Rome!

We met up with some friends for happy on an early August evening, in an area of Rome, behind Trastevere where I’d never been to before. And this is what we saw.

Rome certainly has its pearls.


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