San Gimignano – Toscana Bellissima

San Gimignano – Very Beautiful Tuscany

View from the outer walls of San Gimignano

In early july we took a quick trip up to San Gimignano, where we finally picked a place to celebrate our wedding. The area around San Gimignano is the most beautiful part of Tuscany tha t we have seen so far. And we’ve seen lots of beautiful areas of Tuscany. It was just so green and hilly, there were gorgeous views around every curve.

Cathedral and a tower in one of the main piazzas

San Gimignano makes an interesting skyline – it is made up of towers built by rival families. Apparently the old version of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ meant trying to build the biggest tower in the center of town.

Another view of the cathedral, and the tower on the other side of it.

San Gimignano is a cute little town – we had a nice little dinner at a pizza place, wandered the streets, ate lunch in one of the two main squares …and enjoyed driving through the country side (when I wasn’t stressed out about finding a wedding place).

Evening in the Piazza della Cisterna

We had fun taking pictures at sunset and at dark, and then, uncharacteristically for us, we got up early the next morning to enjoy the town when it was completely empty. We had fun running around and taking pictures. :)

First picture of the morning - outside the walls, sunrise still visible on the horizon.

Self-portrait, Piazza della Cisterna

I had to put one cute one in ...

I’m really starting to look forward to our wedding celebration!

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One response to “San Gimignano – Toscana Bellissima

  1. Theresa

    I am really looking forward to the wedding too!
    The town is beutiful and you both look so in love!

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