Gli Anni Ottanta Sono Tornati

The 80s are Back


So, as ridiculous as these pictures look … they are also kind of awesome, and so they need to be shared.

Happy birthday Terri!

My friend Terri was celebrating her birthday with an 80s theme party. And she seriouly went all out. She made a themed cake, and there were pizza rolls and other foods and drinks from our childhoods, as well as an alf doll, care bears, and posters on the wall from 80s movies, it was awesome!

Doesn't this seriously look like it's from the 80s?

She even had a polaroid camera!

The girls

My outfit consisted of:
an orange off-the-shoulder dress, with a white tanktop under it
pink fishnet stockings, with lace on my feet
a big necklace
a white purse
newspaper heels
a big tan belt
brown adidas leg warmers (that i made from sleeves)
crimped hair (I braided and hairsprayed wet hair … then unbraided it in time to go out)
a scrunchie … of course
and bright blue eyeshadow

I’m not sure if I’m proud or terribly embarassed that I put it all together from stuff I already own. Of course, plenty of the other guests put all their stuff together from new purchases from H&M … which worked surprisingly well.


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