Marriage à la Française

French-style Marriage

Self Portrait on the Chateau Grounds

The real reason for our visit to Lyon was for the wedding of my second cousin. It was also the cultural merging of an American family with a French one. My parents had been planning to attend, and because we were going to be in Lyon with them, Fred & Vic were kind enough to invite us to join them at their wedding celebration.

Wedding, inside the church

The wedding itself was inside a beautiful church – to me it seemed to be classically french. And the Ceremony was in both French and English … which was a lot of fun for me.

In front of the church, after the ceremony

The approach to the Chateau

The Reception was, of course, in an amazing old chateau. We had aperitifs standing in the back garden, it was lovely. I didn’t pay too much attention at the rehearsal dinner when we were warned to wear flat shoes – apparently there were cobblestones in the chateau. “Cobblestones? I can handle cobblestones,” I thought, “I live in Rome.” Yeahhhhh … There were solely convex surfaces on these stones … it was impossible to walk in my heels! Lucky for me, Ryan is a gentleman. He had walked in ahead of me, as we were talking to different members of my family. But when he saw the room of cobblestones, he came back to the door to wait for me and offer me his arm. (Awwwww. :-p)

I had been advised that a fancy hat was a prerequisite ... I went with feathers

We had a great time. Fred & Vic really gather some amazingly interesting people around them. At the rehearsal dinner we sat with the adults, and discussed life experiences, marital negotiations, and balancing two careers. It was really wonderful. At the cocktail hour we chatted with some of my relatives, I practiced french and Italian with a young french girl, and we talked with Fred & Vic’s friends from the UK. At the wedding dinner we sat with young people from Belgium, France, and the US – all with fascinating jobs and stories. (and all more multi-lingual than we are). I’d go to that wedding again next year just for the amazing conversations!

My second favorite part of the wedding was all of the speeches at the reception. The french relatives inserted english welcoming the American family, and even some of the Americans spoke some French! And the funny slideshow talking about Fred and Vic was adorable. (I’m such a girl. :-p)


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