Lyon, La Mère de la Cuisine Française

Lyon, the Mother of French Cuisine

Only Lyon - a Town Square

The next stop on our tour was Lyon … Food capital of France. Yeah, seriously: Food Capital of France. Apparently it’s where French chefs go to learn to cook. Foodwise, it was right up Ryan’s & my alley – tons of tiny, informal restaurants with amazing food at reasonable prices.

Mmmm... Mussels!

Our first Buchon Lyonnais meal was amazing “Moules Frites”. We tried two kinds – a mushroom, cream, sherry sauce (aMAZing) and the classic shallot & white wine sauce. It was in a crowded little place (bleu de toi, 51 rue mercie’re, lyon, 04 78 37 24 65) – but the atmosphere was festive, and the food was fantastic.

Evening view of the church atop the hill

We actually started our visit to Lyon with the Rick Steve’s walking tour (’cause those are always a good way to start.) Lyon has a neat landscape – with the newer part of town across the river from the older part of town, and a really cool looking church on top of the hill.

Self Portrait at the top of town.

Of course, we climbed to the top of the hill too.

Notre Dame de Fourviere

To check out the church, as well as the view.

I don't remember what this is ... but it was delicious.

And we had an amazing dinner at a restaurant right next to the church, with a pretty fantastic view.

Church and fountain in old city center.

Wandering through the old town in the evening was beautiful. The streets were crowded with restaurant tables and people. Oh yeah, and some amazing old churches … as usual.

Mmmm... French pastry for breakfast.

On our last morning in town, we stopped for some pastries – we pretty much just went in and picked the thing that looked the most sugary-delicious. I can’t remember what it was … but it was sugary delicious!

Last Bouchon Meal in Lyon

We stuffed ourselves (and made friends with our local server) at our last meal in Lyon. Oh, and Ryan made friends with a stray kitten.


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