Le Nouveau Beaujolais

The New Beaujolais

We took one of our days in Lyon to day trip into some French wine country. The Beaujolais region was just north of us … so we ventured that way with a tourist map, and some signs with grapes on them.

Self portrait ... 'cause Kate makes Ryan do these.

We stopped by a TI, and got recommendations for some cute towns to see along the way, and a winery to tour.

The first town we stopped in was ridiculously tiny, completely empty, and gorgeous. It had one church right in the middle.

And a gorgeous cloistered courtyard.

I'm a sucker for cloisters

The next town we stopped in had another gorgeous church.

Another church in another town.

But we were really attracted by the ice cream … it was pretty hot out.

Posing with our awesome ice cream sundaes.

The highlight of any country wine tour, of course, is the wine. We had called ahead (on the recommendation of the TI) to schedule a tour at Chateau de la Chaize. As it happened, our tour guide was actually the owner of the winery – and she was very friendly. She told us all about how the winery passed through the generations of her family, and then taught us about the wines that they make.

Old-style Grape Pressers

The tasting itself was down amongst the barrels of aging wine, so the atmosphere was really cool. We tasted and chatted, and I left wishing that I could have brought more bottles with me back to Italy!

Wine Cellar, and tasting area

After the tasting, she took us to see the family home (aka humungous mansion chateau) and the formal gardens. She actually left us with the keys to the gate and told us to feel free to walk around, and lock up after ourselves.

It was seriously a postcard picture so we had to pose, of course. It turned out to be a great little detour … and made it well worth it to have rented the car.


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