Leiden – Partendo dalla Strada Commune

Leiden – Leaving the Beaten Path

The first windmill

Leiden, The Netherlands was our next stop – Dad had a meeting … and we got to tag along for a visit to a beautiful canal town. We took in the full beauty the night we arrived. The late afternoon sun was beautiful on the canals, the windmills, and the flowers.

ooohhh look, a lampost!

Evening Drinks

We had dinner on the canal on a floating dock, with an absolutely beautiful view … and plenty of passing boats which gave us fun opportunities for people watching. :)

Church in Leiden

The next day we did more touring around in Leiden – in the beautiful sunshine.

Inside the windmill, Learning about mechanical engineering.

One of the highlights was a tour inside that windmill we posed in front of when we first arrived. Apparently there used to be families that lived inside the mills, and made their money milling grain. The mechanics inside were pretty amazing … even if the steps between levels (there were something crazy like 5 separate levels inside – each with different exhibits, parts and purposes)

Standing near the blades

And it was cooler still to go outside and stand just behind the spinning blades of the windmill.

Canal Boat

And because that’s what we like to do … we finished off the day with another canal boat ride. From which, of course, I collected a series of pictures of flowers on lampposts and bicycles on bridges.

View from the boat

The final excitement of our trip to Leiden … and indeed of our whole trip to The Netherlands – was witnessing the Dutch celebrating their victory that led them into the World Cup. We put on all our orange clothes, gathered at a large outdoor screen, and cheered when everyone else cheered.

Showing our team spirit.

And when the game was over … they really went crazy. The atmosphere was amazing – and it spilled right out into the streets from everywhere. It was certainly a case of being in the right place at the right time, to witness all of the excitement!

Post-game celebration



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