E Tanto Grande!

It’s so big!

I just got a new laptop, and then I went away for 3 days. Apparently it’s been sitting in the apartment taunting Ryan. Today he couldn’t take it anymore:

Ryan: Why don’t you set up your laptop? you have a new laptop & it just sits here

Kate: I’m going to set it up when I have a good amount of time.
(Ryan unpacks the laptop)
Ryan: Kate, this is a monster laptop, I think you bought a laptop that’s bigger than mine.

Kate: Yessssss!


Ryan: Where is my laptop? … Good … mine’s taller at least.

(In the background, as I type this… Ryan monologues)

Ryan: Your screen has a wider aspect ratio than mine, and mine already has a wide aspect ratio
Ryan: and yours is way cooler
Ryan: oooh, your touch pad is cool
Ryan: Do you accept the license terms?
Ryan: Do you want to use recommended settings? or do you want to install important updates? or ask you later?

Kate: no! I don’t want that! ask me later.

Ryan: really? ask you later?
Ryan: you want to delay your security practices? Maybe you should learn more about each option. I’m going to install important settings.

Kate: No!

Ryan: Why not?

Kate: It’s going to have to connect to the internet

Ryan: no, not right now. This is your settings. Fine. I’m going to Ask you later. What time is it? I don’t know what time zone this is.
Ryan: Oh sweet! we can set up home group now – so it’ll make it easier for you to print your stupid stuff. “To get the password, ask ryanr on ryanr_pc”. I don’t know the password.
Ryan: I wonder if you have bluetooth.

Kate: I think I don’t.

Ryan: We could probably get you a chip. Or maybe my chip will work in your computer. I’m not giving you my chip. It’s my chip. How long does it take to prepare a desktop??
Ryan: I’m getting kinda bored staring at your giant monitor.
Ryan: Oh no, this is terrible. Dell has stupid support software.
Ryan: Setting up personal settings for: Microsoft Windows. … Oh my gosh, this is the stupidest dialog I’ve ever seen in my life.

Windows: doo-doo!

Ryan: Oooh, that was nice. Premium sound it says. yes. That was premium.
Ryan: It says number 9 in your system tray, and I don’t know why.

Ryan: I’m going to install IE 9. That’s going to be the first order of business.

Kate: No! I don’t want IE 9! How can that be the first order of business?

Ryan: Why don’t you want IE 9?

Kate: I don’t want IE! What version is on there?

Ryan: 8. I’m upgrading.

Kate: From crap to crap?

Ryan: Well, now we know Bing is useless. You search for IE9 in Bing and it takes you nowhere even close. You search for IE 9 in Google, and it takes you to IE9 beta test drive page.

Also, Last week:

Ryan: I’m going to take your old laptop and install Linux.

Kate: Oh yeah? You’re just going to take my laptop?

Ryan: What? You’re not using it.

Kate: Fine, I’m going to take your Android phone and install OS X.

Ryan: What? That’s not the same. That doesn’t even make any sense.

Kate: What? It’s not like you really use your phone. It’s dead most of the time.



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4 responses to “E Tanto Grande!

  1. Celeste

    Ryan doesn’t have an iPhone? Lame ;)

  2. perry

    Well it sounds like you two are enjoying your new toy :) Speaking of new toys, I’m sending this from my own Android phone, even though there’s a laptop sitting on my lap… I just realized that… seems dumb…. ciao!

  3. Rick

    You two have so much fun at nothing. Speak in English to this old farm boy. Kate, keep on irrating Ryan, that is great. Love ya, Dad

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