Spiaggia e Edifici – Barcelona

Beach and Buildings – Barcelona

Enjoying tapas for lunch

Our first lunch in Barcelona was a smashing success. Anne-Marie (the girl in the picture that’s not me) had done her research before we left, and led us to some great tapas. I mean, how could you not love a meal where you get to have a little bit of everything?

Colorful Market Wares

After lunch, we checked out the big market – the fruit looked amazing, and there were lots of other cool things to check out.

Life's a Beach

We ended the day in a way I would love to end every day … with nachos and sangria at the beach. This was one of the best features of Barcelona – there’s art, culture, beach and clubs. Basically everything you need. On our last day in Barcelona we spent the whole day on the beach in one of those lounge chairs. We set up in the morning with lounge chairs and umbrellas, and ordered sangria right to our comfy seats. There was cool water when we wanted it, and warm sun to keep us comfortable. And snacks right nearby at grocery stores, and at little beach-side restaurants.

The Crucifixion side of La Sagrada Family

The next day we went to La Sagrada Familia – a cathedral begun by Gaudi that still won’t be finished for many decades. The side above depicts the scenes from the end of Christ’s life. I love the sparse & modern style. It was particularly interesting to hear about all the symbolism.

Seriously, is that not the coolest ceiling you've ever seen? ... Well, I guess the Sistine Chapel is ok too

The inside of this Cathedral lived up to the outside too. The columns are modeled after trees – think of the math that went into that? How much weight can each support, how to create the splayed parts at the top without breaking them under pressure … This is no small project!

I <3 colorful stained glass

Even the stained glass kept to Gaudi’s ‘different’ vision. Instead of classic scenes, he created graduated collages of color. I loved the effect.

Parc Guell

On our last day, we took a quick side trip to the Parc Guell … which I suspect we would have enjoyed more if it wasn’t a million degrees, and if we hadn’t had to climb a mountain to get there. Given Gaudi’s penchant for architecture that imitates nature, a park was the perfect place to bring them both together.

Wavy Mosaic Park Benches - on a 'deck' overlooking the city.

Requisite self-portrait on our last day

So … yeah, highly recommend Barcelona. We might even try to go back ourselves. The combination of art, sun, sand, tapas, and sangria is tough to beat.


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