Edifici – Barcelona

Buildings – Barcelona

Even the Lampposts are awesome!

Am I really supposed to do only one post for all of Barcelona? ‘Cause I started with 28 pictures …

I managed to cut it down to 17 … is that good?

We had a great time in Barcelona with some friends of ours from Rome. Plane tickets were inexpensive, and it was a great change.

Casa Batlló

We started off our first morning with a great taste of Gaudi. We didn’t tour everything, but just seeing the outsides of the buildings was still pretty cool.

La Pedrera from below

We actually toured La Pedrera. The inside was also designed by Gaudi – but I thought the outside was significantly more interesting.

The attic in La Pedrera

I really loved the attic. The lighting and the archways and the meandering shape made so many interesting effects. Gaudi was often inspired by things in nature, and the attic was supposedly modeled after the spine and ribs of a boa constrictor. The chains hanging from the ceiling in the picture above are a model of a model that Gaudi for another building. (The math that he must have done in his designs definitely got my mind spinning.)

The Roof at La Pedrera

The roof of La Pedrera is part of the art of the building as well – the chimneys have helmets, and the roof undulates in really interesting patterns. I had a pretty impressive fall on the roof when I wasn’t paying attention. I literally ended up heels over head, and dumped all the contents of my purse upside down. On the bright side, the whole thing happened in such slow motion that I was unhurt and laughing the whole way down.

I spent 10 minutes moving Ryan around, trying to get the right reflection in his glasses. eh.

Main entrance to La Pedrera

La Pedrera was a heaven for lovers of artistic detail. Everywhere you looked there was some amazing sculptured building part, and amazing lighting effect.

View up & out of the courtyard

So, that brings us up to the early afternoon on our first day in Barcelona … if only it wasn’t such a beautiful place, I’d have few pictures! Actually, we didn’t know it yet, but this first day set the pattern for our visit to Barcelona: Culture and architecture in the morning, drinks and snacks at the beach in the afternoon, and amazing tapas for dinner.


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  1. Elaine

    I only saw La Pedrera from the outside. You took fabulous pictures. It looks great.

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