Fougères – Roccaforte Medievale

Fougères – Medieval Stronghold

We started our trip in Paris almost a week ago. We drove north to the coast and west all the way to Brittany … and unfortunately we had to start making our way back. May as well make the drive fun though, right? Enter Fougères – (failed) Medieval Stronghold … now gorgeous French town.

We walked through town – and all around the walls. Fougères was a beautiful place to wander around. (And look at that sky!)

Literary Quotes along the walk

I breathe the same air that was that of my first breath. Without a doubt this first inhale of a certain air in a certain corner of the world is the foundation of an lifelong intimacy of each of us with our home country.

View from below of the church at the top of town

View of the town from above

Ryan's annoyed at me in this picture ... I think we were discussing Socialism


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One response to “Fougères – Roccaforte Medievale

  1. Elaine

    I love, love that top picture of Fougères.

    Ryan is a good communicator. :)

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