Chartres – La Fin du Voyage

Chartres – The End of the Voyage

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres was our last overnight stop on our way back to Paris. We arrived in the evening, and went right to check out the Cathedral.

Religious Additions

Chartres is known for its Cathedral for good reason. It’s amazing. It’s huge, and beautiful.

Ryan's Happy!

We wandered around the city for a while before dinner, and then settled down for dinner. Chartres is a pretty quiet town – so even though we there on a Saturday night, there was pretty much nothing going on anywhere.

J'Adore le Cidre! - I love Cider!

So we sat down for dessert. Banana Nutella crepe with ice cream … and more cider of course!

Cathedral Windows

The next morning we had our standard coffee and pastries … and then popped into the cathedral for the end of Sunday morning mass. It was pretty amazing to hear the organ playing inside that huge beautiful church.

Carvings tell a story inside the cathedral.

The decorations inside the church were really amazing. We read about some of them from our guide book – but I’m sure it would be amazing to hear all the stories from a guide.

Mary's Veil

Chartres cathedral claims to have Mary’s veil … so …

Views in the Cathedral

The famous - monotonous - floor maze

Bored of my stories about our Normandy trip? Good news! We went to Spain and the Netherlands before we went back to France. ;-)

(And I’m starting to gather up lots more fun Italy stories … I’m planning to get back on the blog horse… I mean it this time!)


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