Una Passeggiata sul Altro Lado

A Walk on the Other Side – Brittany

There's a castle back there.

Brittany is the region of France right next to Normandy – and there is certainly some sibling rivalry between them.  I learned that pretty quickly when I tried to order a ‘Kir Normand’ (Cider and Creme de Cassis) … and the waiter pretended not to know what I meant.

Classic timber & plaster buildings

We started our visit with an evening walking tour (Thanks Rick Steves!). Dinan has a cute main town area at the top of the hill, and a street known as ‘thirsty street’ – where we had a drink in the evening with some interesting characters.

Except Dessert?

After we toured the ‘top of town’, we walked downhill to the water.

Walking downhill

Downhill turned out to be quite a hike … well, not as much of a hike as coming back uphill was. Check out the window sills along the sides – fisherman and shops would lay out their wares for sale here.

Breton Pastry by the River

“Kouign Aman” – yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce it either – but it’s a local pastry – that apparently Ryan’s tastebuds didn’t quite understand. It was doughnut shaped … and super sweet … and honey-y?

Raspberry Cream Macaroon - Look at that smile!

The next dessert (before dinner, by the way) was a raspberry cream macaroon which was impossible to eat without making a mess, but quite delicious.

Crepes and Cider ... it doesn't get much better!

Halfway back up the hill – we found Crepes and Cider … ohh the things I love about France. Seriously, a frill-free dinner with bacon, eggs, and cheese – delicious cider, and more crepes for dessert. Who says the french are stuffy? (Man … now I’m hungry …)


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