La Route de la Baie

The Bay Route – A Scenic Drive

La Route de la Baie is the scenic road along the Normandy and Brittany ‘Emerald’ coasts  that we took from Mont Saint Michel to Dinan. The road started out with views of Mont Saint Michel across the plains – and led us along the water, through cute port towns (Cancale) and past old windmills.

Pointe du Grouin

One of the most scenic stops was called Pointe du Grouin. We stopped the car for a quick look … but it was so gorgeous we had to stay for a while to enjoy.

Self-Portrait - relaxing at Pointe du Grouin

Dipping my toes in

The next detour was Ile Besnard and Dune de Chevets … where I seriously wished that I had packed my bathing suit. I settled for dipping my toes in. The beach was a beautiful little crescent beach – with sand, water, gorgeous views, and a little bit of hiking! We didn’t stay long, but I was still glad we stopped.

Ryan - not dipping his toes in

Finally we did a drive-by viewing of St. Malo – a resort town that has clearly learned how to make tourist money off of its strengths. We were headed to Dinan, so it was only a drive-by visit for us. I bet it’s a really cute place during the off-season.

St. Malo - through the windshield


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  1. Elaine

    Love those self portraits. Nice reading about your trip, too.

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