Un’Isola dalle Fiabe – e Noi Ci Eravamo

An Island of Fairy Tales – and We Were There

Ready for the other half of the 24 pictures? The ones that prove we were actually there?

Arriving at Mont Saint Michel

We arrived at Mont Saint Michel in the afternoon – just in time to see a sky diving demonstration (complete with a band) in honor of D-Day.

Today's Self Portrait - On the Walls

We wandered up and down the main road of Mont Saint Michel, and then along the path that goes along the inside of the walls. We found a place for dinner sitting right on the outside walls, and tried some local food.

Cider and Strawberries outside our B&B

After dinner we headed back to our B&B to chill out on our back patio with Normand Cider and strawberries.

It's a man-shaped strawberry! (and me)

Sunset at the Mount

After dinner, and a leisurely dessert, and some more lounging about … the sun was finally setting, at 1030 pm. (You wouldn’t believe how many times we almost missed dinner time because it was too light out to eat dinner.) The view was unbelievable.

Self portrait in the evening light

After taking a million pictures of the same view, we just stood together and admired our surroundings.

Ryan tried to hide from the flash

But I caught him!

Ryan ponders in the cloisters

The next morning we went back to Mont Saint Michel to tour the inside of the Mont Saint Michel Abbey – which is the main profile of the island… and pretty much its whole purpose. The cloisters are my favorite part – I remember them from when I visited here with my mom in high school.

Huuuge columns supporting the cathedral

The abbey is a pretty amazing structure. When it was built they actually had to build out the mountain in order to support its classic cross-shaped cathedral base.

View along the walls

After the Abbey we wandered our way back down to the main entrance of the town… and lunch.

Waiting for omelettes at La Mere Poulard

For lunch we ate at La Mere Poulard – famous for their omelettes. The omelettes are whisked in a percussive performance until they rise so high that they are still almost two inches of light airy eggy goodness even after they cook over the fire.

Walking the sands

After lunch we walked out onto the sand/mud/muck dunes surrounding Mont Saint Michel. It was a pretty neat experience (even if it did make a mess of my shoes!). This was some serious bay mud – just like at the good old Jersey Shore! We didn’t have any real destination out there, and even though there were lots of signs warning of quick tides – Ryan finally managed to convince me once I saw the group of 6 year old school children walking out there with their teacher. (With the added bonus that I got a french lesson I could actually understand!)

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