Tornando ad Arromanches – Esausti

Returning to Arromanches – Exhausted

Sunset on the Mulberries at Arromanches

So, you know all the posts I’ve been doing on the beaches of Normandy? Starting with Arromanches, then Longues Sur Mer, the American Cemetary, Pointe du Hoc, the German Cemetery, Bayeux, and Omaha beach? Yeah, we did all of that in one day. The sites are all pretty close to each other, and we had a car … and a good guide book – which we used to learn lots of history in between stops.

The Camembert that smelled up the car all day

We had lunch on the go – a banana-nutella crepe and a sandwich picked up from a little stand in a town we drove through. And we stopped into a grocery store for
cider, snacks, a baguette, and Camembert. So, thusly well stocked – we kept going all day… and we were pretty ready to crash when we got back to Arromanches. (Which works out well, since there’s nothing to do there.)

Mulberry Arm/Anchor

View of Arromanches from Above

The next morning we got up and did the ‘Arromanches 360’ – a touristy, but interesting 360 movie about the D-Day landings. By this point, we had actually seen quite a few various movies on D-Day, but this one was pretty interesting for all of the real footage that it had.

Down the beach the other way

We also stopped just outside the 360 building to enjoy a gorgeous day and beautiful views. Did I mention that Normandy is known for its rainy weather? We were thankful that we had gorgeous weather for our whole D-Day tour.

Peace Sculpture on our way to the next stop

After the 360, we were off to the next thing. We drove back along the landing sites, and then turned inland to Sainte-Mere-Eglise.


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