La Spiaggia Famosa di Omaha

The Famous Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach and Sculpture

Our last stop of the day was Omaha beach. One of the landing grounds for American Forces on D-Day. There’s nothing to see there, the beaches are empty. But it was still amazing to stand there. The beaches are so huge! Just to imagine the men running all the way from the water.  The men actually landed in low tide – so that they ran through the obstacles that were in place to destroy the boat bottoms . . . but it meant they had a lot further to run, exposed.

Omaha Beach Memorial

Omaha Beach was another amazing place to stand in the footsteps of history. We walked along in awe, taking in the quiet atmosphere, and talking about what it must have been like on that day.

Reflections on the Beach

Water Lines on the Beach


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