Bella Francia – Honfleur

Beautiful France – Honfleur

Walking through town

Honfleur is a quiet port town – with cute little streets, and a beautiful ‘Vieux Bassin’ (Old Harbor). We arrived late in the evening on Monday, and enjoyed the sunset as we wandered the streets checking out our home for the night.

Taking in the atmosphere .... and laughing

We sat on a bench near the old port, and finished off the rest of our goat cheese and baguette from the morning. Check out the cool buildings in the background – see how narrow they are? It’s another one of those remnants of tax evasion – people were charged taxes by the width of the front of their home.

Being silly on the bench

Behind us in the picture above is one of the old gatehouses that controlled access to the harbor.

Moules et Huitres!

Dinner was fantastic – we picked a place out of Rick Steves’, and we tried lots of local specialties. We had mussels stemed in a white wine sauce, Kir Normand (Creme de cassis and Cider), and fresh oysters. Dessert was an ‘ile flottante’ – ‘floating island’ of meringue in a sea of custard. And the conversation was amusing too, with a dissertation on world economics from a Canadian Economics professor.

How cute is this?

After dinner we strolled home, taking in the night time scenery.

Pastries in the Morning

The next morning we found the local pastry shop, and loaded up on Pain au Chocolat (Ryan’s favorite) and Rhubarb Pastry (My new Favorite!). This morning ritual is one of Ryan’s favorite things about France.

Fishing Boat themed church atop Honfleur

Freshly energized, we followed the ‘Cote de Grace’ walk up to the top of town, for a visit to a fishing-themed church (makes sense in a fishing town), and a view over the old city.

Inside the Church


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  1. Elaine

    That’s a whole different view of Honfleur! I love it.

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