Bella Francia – Rouen

Beautiful France – Rouen

Joan of Arc Church

Rouen was our day-trip stop on the way up to Normandy. Rouen is the city in France where Joan of Arc was burned. The Joan of Arc Church in the center of town is meant to represent the Pyre upon which she was burned. Joan asserted that she had visions from God which instructed her to recover her homeland from English domination late in the Hundred Years’ War. She was supposedly an impressive leader, and a fierce contender on the battlefield.

The Big Clock

Rouen is a cute little town, lots of little shops, and cute streets. And some impressive major sites.

Pockmarked Parliament Building

The Parliament building was a gorgeous building – complete with ancient and modern history. The Ancient is obvious. The modern history left its mark in the form of artillery damage from World War II.

Rouen Cathedral

The real reason I wanted to see Rouen was for the famous cathedral that Monet immortalized in so many distinctive Impressionist paintings. Unfortunately the facade was under repair (hence the picture above of only the top half …) But it was still quite a sight to see.

Rouen Cathedral Interior

And the interior was impressive for its sheer size.

Cemetary Courtyard

See the courtyard above? Cute, huh? It’s in the middle of an art school – and the home of many many dead bodies from people consumed in the plague. The wooden slats on the sides of the buildings were decorated with skulls, crossbones, and the tools of undertakers. Amazing how such a pretty place can be so creepy at the same time.

Saying goodbye to Rouen ... Bye pretty Cathedral!

Ryan and I love spending a day in a small city to get a feel for it, and Rouen was just our style. A nice place to break up the drive . . . before we continued North to  Honfleur.


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