Bella Francia – da Parigi alla Normandia

Beautiful France – From Paris to Normandy

Inside the Arc de Triumph

Monday was the day we were scheduled to say goodbye to Paris. Since we finally had a clear morning though, we decided to make one last attempt at a view of Paris. So we climbed the stairs at the Arc de Triumph for a view of the 12 streets that lead away from it, and all of Paris.

View from the top of the Triumphal tower


After that, we were ready to hit the road out of Paris. We picked up our rental car, and then loaded up on snacks. I stopped in to a boulangerie and picked up a classic baguette, a quiche lorraine, and a bacon and cheese bread thingy. And then I stepped into a cheese-lover’s paradise, and was quickly overwhelmed by the options. There were over 260 cheeses in the small neighborhood shop (I didn’t count … I asked :). I asked the cheese guy for a strong cheese for Ryan, a mild cheese for me, and a good goat cheese. He recommended a meunster for Ryan (“but I’ve had meunster, it’s not strong”, I thought…). I took all my goodies, ran out to the car, and we started on our way. Let the adventure begin. Who knew the first adventure would be inside the car ….
I opened Ryan’s Meunster cheese, and passed it to Ryan to smell. He put his nose right up in the package, took a big whiff … and almost threw up. He literally had to open the window and stick his head out to calm his stomach. The cheese, in fact, did not smell very good. It might be the most foul smelling food item that was supposedly still consumable that I have ever smelled. A bite each, our duties fulfilled … we threw the rest away.
And hit the road towards Rouen . . .

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