Bella Francia – Parigi … 2

Beautiful France – Paris … 2

(Can you tell I’m not feeling creative with my titles?)

Ryan and the Seine

On day two in Paris it was still grey and chilly … but with another round of warm Pain au Chocolat in our bellies, we were ready to go!

First View of Notre Dame

We started our day on the two islands inthe middle of the city. Ile de la Cite’ is the home of Notre Dame Cathedral. Notre Dame is really a sight to see. Even after as many amazing Italian churches as I’ve seen, I still love Notre Dame. (The fact that Paris keeps everything clean, bright and shiny probably helps.)

Notre Dame from the side

It could also be the fact that I like French Gothic style … and the trees, and the sky, and the church is out in the open so there are so many amazing views.

Today's Self Portrait

I think the Seine was behind us in the Self Portrait … eh, the picture’s not really about the view anyway.

Notre Dame from the Back

Check out the sweet flying buttresses up there!

J'aime le Fromage! (I like cheese!)

After a visit inside the cathedral, we made our way across the bridge to the fancy schmancy Ile de St. Louis.


Where we picked up some macaroons – which are basically a meringue type cookie with jelly in the middle. We weren’t impressed – though I’m told not to judge without trying La Dure’e.

La Glace Berthillon - Berthillon Ice Cream

We also stopped at Berthillon – a well known ice cream shop on the Ile St. Louis. We almost didn’t go because we live in the Gelato capitol of the world as it is … and we expected not to be impressed.

Uh, yeah, see the smile on my face in that picture up there? It’s worth stopping at Berthillon when you visit Paris. I had peach and raspberry … and the flavors were amazing. Ryan, as he always does, had coffee and pistacchio (I don’t know how to spell that in english anymore! I tried pistacchio, pistaccio, pistashio, pistachio … oh look! I found the right one! It’s pistacchio in Italian, FYI.)

Notre Dame ... Again

With one more glance back at Notre Dame from across the river … we made our way to the Muse’e Rodin (my favorite museum in Paris).

L'Age Mur (The Age of Maturity) by Camille Claudel

The Musee Rodin didn’t make as much of an impression on me this time, although I think it’s partly because I’ve seen it so many times, and it was hot and crowded in there. But it would have been tough for me to visit Paris w/o taking Ryan there. The statue above is one of my favorites. It was done by Camille Claudel, who was a student of Rodin’s. She ultimately became his lover as well, even though Rodin was 20 years older than her and was in a 20 year long marriage-like relationship with another woman. The statue above depicts the time when Rodin finally made the choice to leave Camille. He is shown, old and weak, being led away by Camille’s rival – while the young & beautiful Camille is left bereft on her knees.

Tour Eiffel - at night

Our dinner was overpriced and unmemorable, although we did make some random friends at apertivo that we had a nice time chatting with. After dinner we walked by the Eiffel Tower one more time to see it at night.

Tour Eiffel, in all its glory

(That slightly blurry picture was the best of  approximately 15 attempts.)



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5 responses to “Bella Francia – Parigi … 2

  1. Elaine

    When you and I traveled in Paris, I remember especially enjoying the sight of the Eiffel tower lit at night.

  2. Elaine

    Oh, Dad and I just enjoyed those same macaroon cookies at Jean Georges restaurant in NYC after lunch. Ours were quite good, and I had them another time when I didn’t like it as much.

  3. The Musee Rodin is my favorite too! I know next to nothing about art, but couldn’t believe how powerful his sculptures were for me. I’m glad you guys got to share that one together.

  4. Elaine

    I see you can kiss, smile and take a photo all at the same time, Kate.

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