Bella Francia – Parigi

Beautiful France – Paris

Sacre Coeur at Night

Ryan and I took a week long trip to France during the first week of June … and we took so many pictures, I think I’m going to have to post every day for a week to cover them all!

I was nervous to bring Ryan to my beloved Paris … I’d talked it up, and he was afraid of disappointment …. But you know what? Paris is awesome!

Piano bar in Montmartre

Our first night in Paris had us arriving late and searching for dinner. Our hotel was up near Montmartre, so we climbed up the hill to check out theview, and find some food. We saw the Sacre Coeur – which was beautifully lit up at the top of the hill. And wandered through the adorable (and touristy) Place du Tertre. We finally settled on a  little piano bar serving sweet and salty crepes … and Kir. The walls were covered with little papers and notes and pictures.

And we're here too! (in front of the Louvre)

We started Saturday morning the right way, with amazing pastries and coffee. (I love Parisian pastries!) And then we meandered our way through the Parisian streets (you know, the well paved ones, with no poles in the middle of them, and free of dog poop?) to the Louvre.

Me in front of the Louvre

The Louvre was a lot better than the way I remembered it. I think that having learned a lot more about Roman and Etruscan history gave me more context for many of the Louvre’s treasures. We did the quick Rick Steve’s tour, and then headed out on a long trek to Montparnasse for lunch.

The best Creperie in Paris!

La Creperie de Josselin was recommended to me by someone who lives in Paris … and I loooooved it. We started with amazing salty crepes (mine had creamed spinach and goat cheese and bacon  – mmmmm) and followed it up with dessert crepes. Oh, and a Pichet of Normand Cider!

The classic ... the Eiffel Tower

Refreshed and relaxed, we hit the pavement again and started seeing the major sights.

Us & the Eiffel Tower. (Have I mentioned I like self portraits?)

We saw the Arc de Triumph (from below), and wandered down the Champs Elysees (stopping for some coffee to warm up when it started to rain).

I love the metro stops ... and the romance!

In the evening we meandered back towards Montmartre, had dinner outside (next to each other, watching the people go by … Parisian style.

It's windy at the Moulin Rouge!

And then we checked out the red light district … how could we not?


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