Una Visita a Vienna

A Visit to Vienna

(For once I have equal alliteration in English and Italian!)

I don’t really know what almost any of these pictures are of, but Vienna is gorgeous.

I (Kate … ’cause Ryan doesn’t really post, does he?) was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take a quick trip to Vienna. I was only there for a few days, but it was enough to get some good food, see some good sights, and hang out with a couple of good friends.

We wandered through town drinking beer (seriously, you can buy it at the ‘hot dog’ stands and wander around … who wouldn’t like a city that welcomes you like that?)

And we saw a few of the major sights.

But mostly, I just got a quick feel for the city. And it was a good feeling. (har har ;-)



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2 responses to “Una Visita a Vienna

  1. Elaine

    so many parts to work on when you travel – taking the pictures, downloading and labeling them, writing the blog…I admire you for your tenacity.

    You do such a good job entertaining us with these pictures and your blog.

    Now I can’t wait to go to Vienna!

  2. dave

    I second that –
    I really enjoy sharing your adventures via internet

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