Come Andremmo a Casa?

How would we get home?

We went out to dinner with some friends a few nights ago, and hung out with some people that are new to Rome. The yearly cycle is starting over again, and the new recruits are going out and trying to meet people.

On the way home from dinner, we had the most amazing motorino tour through Rome. It was dark, and everything was bathed in dramatic lighting. I wished that there was some way to capture the experience and the feeling I had on the back of that motorino. It was so beautiful. I felt so lucky. We drove around the colosseum and piazza venezia, and piazza repubblica – but Ryan also meandered through lots of back streets with other amazing ruins and gorgeous old buildings. I will miss this.

When we pulled into the driveway, I said to Ryan “Thank you for that amazing tour of Rome.” and he said, “I wondered why you didn’t say anything sooner, did you think that was the way home?”

And I was quiet for a moment.

And I said … well, at first I thought it was. But then we took an inefficient path near piazza venezia … but then I thought maybe you took a wrong turn.

You thought that the way home was around the colosseum?




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2 responses to “Come Andremmo a Casa?

  1. I don’t know that getting home isn’t past the colosseum, but I was in giggles anyway.

    I can’t believe it’s been a year! You guys are “old-timers” to Rome now. Do you get an award for visiting the most cool places in a year?

    • So, I just went to look at the map, to understand where Ryan took me … We basically went straight south, and then west on the way home from dinner. And we live North. :)

      I can’t believe it’s been a year either!

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