La Casa è dove sta il Cibo

Home is where the food is

Also, this doesn't hurt

A few weeks ago a friend hosted a ‘Comfort Food Night’. It was pot luck style, and each person contributed their own comfort food. After months of Italian food, and not too many visits home, a little comfort food with friends feeds both the soul and the belly.

The Spread

It was a pretty impressive spread. I made mac n cheese (of course). Actually, the recipe looked amazing, and it was pretty darn good, until I baked it … and then it dried up. *sigh* oh well.

The dessert spread

I clearly should have stuck to what I know …

Oh yeah, I am a master at making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. My mom sent me some when I was living in Paris, and I was the envy of the dorm. This last month, when Ryan was gone for over 3 weeks, I needed a little comfort food – so I turned to Kraft.

Me:I ate really healthy yesterday, until I had an overwhelming desire for my Kraft Mac n Cheese comfort food … and I ate a whole box. It was delicious though.
My Friend:“Dear lord how are you not obese?”

But you know how good that stuff is? When you’re first finished making it, it’s a little runny. So I like to wait a few minutes, until it has that perfect consistency. But after the first bowl, it changes again, it’s a little thicker … so you have to have more. And it’s a new little taste adventure when it’s cold. And another still when you reheat it …

uh oh … I’m getting hungry again.


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