Parole di Grande Saggezza

Words of Great Wisdom

Ryan: I need to carry around a notebook like you so I can write down my thoughts
Kate: Are you having thoughts?
Ryan:Yes, and they’re getting to the point where they are so diverse and so complex that I can’t keep track of them all
Ryan:it’s very frustrating
Kate runs to her notebook to write down the quote

Kate: I swear mom, sometimes you don’t even hear what I’m saying
Elaine: Is it because I’m not listening?
Kate: Is that it?
Elaine: No, I’m listening, I just missed some words.

Les Fcais sont gentils – French people are nice

We were recently in Lyon, France with my parents. Mom, Ryan and I walked by a cafe that was playing the world cup game, and we wanted to sit down and watch. The only available table had a flag hanging down in front of it such that we couldn’t see the TV.

So, mom asks the waiter for some help – in slightly broken french

Elaine: Is it possible, (handwaving at the flag) because we can’t (pointing to the TV) … uh, s’il vous plait (please)
Waiter: flips the flag over the rope with a flourish, clearing our view, and says “Madame, everything is possible.”


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One response to “Parole di Grande Saggezza

  1. Elaine

    So much about Mom? How does Ryan get used to reading about himself online all the time?

    Oh, I remember, he’s a good sport.

    Me, too.

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