La Soluzione per Tutto

The Solution for Everything

There are two types of people who ride motorini: Those who have fallen, and those who haven’t fallen yet. Ryan and I are now officially on opposite sides of that fence.

One recent morning, Ryan wasn’t feeling well and decided to stay home to get better. I, the capable and independent woman that I am, set off to work on my own … on the motorino. Ryan has driven the motorino more than I have because when we go out together, it’s easier for him to drive and me to ride on the back, than it is the other way around. But that does not mean that I am without practice. If Ryan can’t get out of bed, sometimes I’ll go ahead on my own. Or, I’ll meet some girls for a happy hour, or I’ll run a quick errand on the motorino. I am not an expert, and there’s a lot that goes on in the streets … so I  drive carefully, and I make a conscious effort to never let any other drivers push me to doing something that’s above my ability level. (And contrary to the photo above, which was staged, we always always always wear our helmets.)

So, back to that rainy, drizzly, dreary morning. I set out on the motorino on the exact same path we always take to work. As I was coming up to a traffic light, there was a line of stopped cars, and I was riding along the side of them. There was one car sticking out, so I leaned a little left and then a little right to go around it … and the motorino went a little left … and didn’t go a little right. It went more left. So I leaned more right. But it really really wanted to go left. And it’s bigger than I am. So, instead of the motorino turning right like I wanted, It just leaned to the right until it was lying on the ground sliding across the lane of oncoming traffic, and coming to a stop on the opposite side. With me as an unwilling passenger.

That’s the bad news.

The good news, is that there was a lot of room between me and the oncoming traffic so they had time to stop. Apparently I pulled myself in on the motorino, so I banged up my elbow, my knee, and my hip – but they were all covered, and I was just a little black and blue.

So, I stood up, picked up the motorino (which is several hundred pounds – hooray Adrenaline!), and rolled it off to the side of the street.

By this time, there were several Italians who came running over to make sure I was ok. Once I had convinced them that I was not hurt, they were quick to offer ‘The solution for everything’:

Would you like a coffee?

What? A coffee? Seriously? “Yes, absolutely, my heart is pounding, my hands are shaking … you know what would really help? A shot of caffeine!”

Associated Italian Lesson:

bagnato: wet

scivoloso: slippery



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2 responses to “La Soluzione per Tutto

  1. Elaine

    Yeah, my heart raced when I read this.

  2. dave

    yup. If you haven’t fallen you have never really experienced skiing either.

    Glad you tucked & covered


    yard sale skier

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