Ci Sono Regole, e Ci Sono Regole

There are rules, and there are Rules

The Americans joke often here about the rules for parking or driving or … pretty much anything else. Because while there are supposedly legal rules, no one follows them. There is however, a clear set of de facto rules. See the following examples:

Q: Where do motorini drive?

A: Everywhere the cars aren’t.

Q: Where can I park my car?

A: Anywhere where it doesn’t block the road. If you are blocking a car, listen for honking while you’re eating dinner … because you may have to go out and move your car.

Q: Where can I park my motorino?

A: Anywhere.

However, it is important to note that the real rules are, in fact, sometimes relevant. Today we received a traffic ticket. Apparently on April 29th at 8:16pm our Motorino drove for one block in a bus-only lane. And was caught by a camera.

I see motorini run red lights all the time, but sometimes I’m baffled by when they choose not to run red lights. There’s a traffic light in my neighborhood in the middle of the road, with no intersection, for a pedestrian crosswalk. And even when it’s late at night, and there are no cars, and there are certainly no people … I see motorini waiting patiently at that light. In light of our new traffic ticket … I’m figuring the reason has to be that they somehow know that there is a camera there somewhere.

So, as an addendum to the ‘There are Rules and There are Rules” axiom … apparently “There are Rules, and There are Rules … and there are the rules of the Traffic Camera.”


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  1. Elaine

    One more thing to figure out.

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