Todi – La Città Più Vivibile del Mondo

Todi – the most livable city in the world

…according to the University of Kentucky anyway.

We’re not going to live there … apparently Americans are buying up all the houses on the hills anyway. But we figured we’d see it since we were nearby.

Part of what’s so cool about Todi is simply that it’s really cute and tiny. I read up on the history a little bit too … but really we just went to wander around and enjoy.

As usual, there was the typical Italian hill town amazing view. This view was just off the main piazza, which had it’s own view thing going.

Ryan checking out the view

Flowers and the town church

As it happened, there was a flower festival going on in Todi on the weekend that we were there. So the whole main piazza was covered in beautiful flowers (and some cacti and carnivorous plants … apparently it was an equal opportunity festival).

Other Palazzi on the main piazza

The main piazza was surrounded by really cool medieval palaces. The palaces were in great shape – and with flowers decorating the entrances, it made for a beautiful place to wander through. It’s amazing how these piazzas while similar to so many others (in name as well, this one was called Piazza del Popolo like the one in Rome) – these piazzas all still mange to have their own flavor of individuality.

Another view to enjoy

A neat tree in front of the main Cathedral

Todi was a great little stop to make before heading home, and after a nice Umbrian lunch (complete with truffles for me, of course) we hit the road and headed back to real life. Well … not before stopping to take the requisite self-portrait.


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