Che Bella Campagna

What Beautiful Countryside

Dinner in the country

This is what an agriturismo is – a house on a farm in the country. Doesn’t it look restful?

Ryan and I had a weekend away planned with some friends in Spoleto, Umbria for a wine festival. In the middle of all of the other travel we were doing, I was wondering if one more weekend away would be too much.

And then I saw the agriturismo.

View from our window

And the view from my window.

Welcome Dinner

On the very first night that we arrived, we had a homemade dinner in front of an outdoor fireplace, with a woodburning stove that they cooked dessert in. There were beans that they grew on their farm, and oil from their trees, and the whole family helped with serving dinner. The building itself was torchlit. It was really lovely. And really relaxing.

This is the kind of place where we want to have our wedding.

Really, who wouldn't want to live here?


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One response to “Che Bella Campagna

  1. katifitz

    auguri. Looks nice. We had our wedding reception at a place called isola verde in cerreto. Beautiful.

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