Vino a Spoleto

Wine in Spoleto

I found the Swingles!

On the morning of the wine festival we got up early, piled into the SUV owned by the agriturismo owner, and drove into Spoleto.

Wine in a Cloister

There were tasting rooms set up all over town. We bought a glass in one of the main piazzas which basically functioned as our entrance ticket. Then we walked to the first tasting room, which happened to be a cloister.

I love this picture!

So, we took our glasses and started learning about some new wines! The cloister was actually the nicest place. We ended up buying some wine and cheese and laying on the grass snacking, resting, and talking with friends.

Lunch in the Piazza

Later in the afternoon we moved to another piazza to find some lunch, and then did some more tasting.

Ryan's glass holder

It was a beautiful day, a fun activity and a great group of friends. But the highlight for me was towards the end of the day. Our group was working its way back to the first piazza to meet our ride. Ryan and I fell behind the group, walking with our arms around each other. And I was feeling happy … and amorous – the others couldn’t see us, since they were walking a few paces ahead. So I pushed Ryan over to the wall of the building next to us and leaned in for a kiss. At which point his glass, still hanging around his neck shattered… loudly. I just looked up at Ryan and burst out laughing, while he looked over at our group of friends who had turned to see what happened.

Ahhh, young love…


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