Un Tramonto a Sorrento

A Sunset in Sorrento (awww, this one actually sounds better in English!)

Billy finds a friend

Our hotel was actually outside of Sorrento, but Sorrento was the closest town, and our home base. Sorrento is interesting, as you approach by car … it looks awful. seriously ghetto. Fortunately it gets better as you approach the center of town.

What? There's a view everywhere.

We wandered through town until the sun was setting, and then tried to find dinner.

A surprise courtyard

We were guidebook free, so I have no idea what anything is,  but sometimes that’s the best way to really enjoy visiting a new place.

Guys? The sunset is the other way.

Aperitivo on a hotel terrace

Sorrento Harbor

We ended up having dinner down near the water at the old harbor (that’s the new harbor up there). We had fresh seafood, and an amazing bowl of steamed and seasoned mussels. Not bad for a quick dinner after a day of sightseeing!


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