Le Cinque Terre – Manarola

Le Cinque Terre – Manarola

A View of Manarola? or Riomaggiore ... I think

Rick Steves directed us on a nice little walk around the top of Manarola – through the terraced vineyards and lemon trees.

Enjoying another view ... while we look for the trail

'Cause I like self portraits

Manarola - from the top of town

More Manarola from Above

Stations of the cross on the hillside

On one of the hillsides that you can see from Manarola, there is a man who puts up Nativity scenes around Christmas, and passion plays at Easter time.

The end of the day at Manarola had us heading back to the train, back to Vernazza, and to the town square for another lovely dinner – this time at Trattoria di Gianni.


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  1. That first photo literally made my draw drop.

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