Le Cinque Terre – Via Del Amore

Le Cinque Terre – ‘Via del Amore’ : The lovers’ walk

Mom & Dad - getting in the mood

The trail between Riomaggiore and Manarola is really a beautifully landscaped wide path, and a 20 minute stroll. Before the roads were built between the Cinque Terre, young people had very limited options for romantic liaisons. The towns were small, and it was too hard to leave town to meet new people. So, you can imagine the excitement when there was a trail built between Riomaggiore and nearby Manarola. Lovers would sneak out from their parents homes and meet their lovers in the dark on the trail between the two towns.

Ryan and I absorbing the atmosphere

You don’t have to get very far down the path to see what made it so romantic.

Kissing chair, with locks in the background

Young people to this day meet here, write their initials on locks, seal their love, and throw away the keys.

Beautiful View

Railing along the water

A tunnel through the rocks

I think they liked the trail!

Mom and Dad walked through the trail quicker than Ryan and I did … little did we know what they were doing when they reached the end!!

So, who I am to stop them?


A View of the Gorgeous Trail

So … yeah, I think I have to recommend the Via Del Amore trail … it’s a beautiful, romantic, highlight of a visit to Cinque Terre.


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