Le Cinque Terre – L’Escursione

The Cinque Terre – The Hike

Carbo Loading before we leave

In April we took a trip to Cinque Terre while my parents were visiting. Cinque Terre is really a series of five tiny towns set into the mountains along the coast of Northern Italy. The towns are connected by train and by hiking trails. It’s a really unique place. On our first day we arrived in Vernazza by train and decided to do the 1.5 hour hike to the next town of Corniglia. So we picked up some thick crust pizza with mozzarella and pesto (aMAZing – the area is known for their pesto, I was in heaven!) and then we hit the trail.

Getting ready to get serious on the trail

A view of Corniglia ... really far away

We took an amazing amount of pictures in Cinque Terre, about 930 according to Picasa, and I don’t really have enough words to entertain you for 930 pictures … so I’ll just back off & let the pictures do most of the talking.

Mom & I, and a view

Mom & Ryan with an Olive tree

Ryan takes a break along the trail

The trail itself turned out to be a little more grueling than we had expected – but we had plenty of ‘excuses’ to give ourselves a rest by stopping to take pictures along the way.

A View of Vernazza from Above

Ryan & Dad

Ryan - notice the Terraced grape vines, and the train tunnel

Apparently we're ready for another break ... in front of Corniglia

Chillin on the edge of the cliff

Don't worry, the railing is veeerrry stable


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