Lo Sciopero Noioso

The Tiresome Strike

On my first weekend trip to France, my return flight was cancelled because of a volcano in Iceland. I spent all day in the airport, spent $100 on phone calls, carried three days worth of clothes and toiletries on my back for 8 hours, spent $150 on a hotel room, had to throw away the camembert I bought, and almost ended up in tears in the hallway outside my hotel room when I couldn’t figure out how the key worked.

On my second trip to France, I forgot my passport, our flight was delayed for 3 hours, the airport was packed with people because all of their flights had been delayed for 3 hours, and we didn’t get into Paris until almost midnight because the air traffic controllers in Paris went on strike the day before and all of the planes were in the wrong places.

Friday we’re leaving for a long weekend in Barcelona. You know who’s going on strike this time? All public workers, for 24 hours. All airport workers in all of Italy.

Maybe we’re not actually leaving on Friday for a long weekend in Barcelona.

To add insult to injury, I went to call the customer service number for the airline this morning, and after I got over the initial shock of .24Euro + .93 Euro/minute … I dialed the number, and my phone said “That number is not allowed”. and I tried again, and my phone said “That number is not allowed.” And then I read the fine print and it said “As of October 1st, phone numbers in this area code are disallowed. To reenable the ability to call this number, please send a fax to your phone company requesting to reactivate the area code along with a copy of your ID.”

Uh, What? I’m sorry. I have to send a fax in order to call a phone number. Yeahhhh….


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  1. Elaine

    I hope it can’t get worse than that.

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