The night before Ryan came back from the US, I took a quick trip up to Florence with some friends. It turns out it’s only an hour and a half away by train! We went up to see Cirque du Soleil, and stayed for the evening. The view above is what we could see from our table in the middle of the road where we had aperitivo.

Medici Palace … on our way towards the best Gelato in Florence (see the Florence info page on here, for more recommendations)

Il Duomo

The next morning we did a little bit of real sight-seeing. Above is a little view of the famous Duomo – which was about a half a block from our hotel. We didn’t go in – just gives me something to go back and see!

Ponte Vecchio – ‘Old Bridge’ (obviously an old bridge … like everything in Italy)

After the basics, we decided to climb a hill and try to find a view. Unfortunately the castle we were trying to get up to was closed for lack of lighting, or lack of fences … or some other crazy reason. This is the view down the road that we walked back down after not seeing a view.

Here’s a view of what we hiked up … and hiked back down.

Ah, but, from the top of that road next to the olive tree … we saw another high hill we could climb … and thank goodness we did, because this was the view. It was amazing. We could see all of Florence. Two big churches (including the duomo), the Ponte Vecchio, and the river. It was absolutely beautiful.

Did you know that a bus parking lot could actually be pretty?

The view on the way back down from the bus parking lot.

I can’t wait to go back to Florence with Ryan!


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  1. dave, dad

    beautiful !!

    Not only is this blog well written, entertaining & informative,

    it is a great travelogue, helping set out our itinerary for our next trip to Italy.

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