La Vita è Così

Life’s Like This

I took some time recently to organize and back up some pictures. And I found a few on my iPhone that I felt like sharing.

This is inside our garage at home, don’t worry … they weren’t actually going anywhere like that. But it still made Ryan and I both laugh.

As is generally the case with an iPhone camera, this pictures doesn’t do the view justice. This is a little dirt path in the Villa Borghese, which is the main park in between work and home. It has trees on both sides, and is beautifully lit. There’s actually a cute little pond/lake back in there on the right. Every time I see this simple view I take a deep breath and enjoy.

This is Piazza Reppublica, which is actually the kind of place that tourists go to see. These pictures are from the first time I ever saw it, when we went to the movie theater near work to see an English film. It’s pretty gorgeous when it’s lit up at night.


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