Metodo di Navigazione

Method of Navigation

It’s no secret that I’m navigationally challenged … but would you like to see my secret weapon?

Google Maps ... On Paper!

Whenever I’m going somewhere by myself, I print out a map with a little blue line that tells me where to go. We were going through papers around the house today and found these three. I think I recently threw a few away at work too … and that’s even after deciding to keep a file of printed maps for places I go to often. (No, I don’t know how to get to a lot of these places even if I’ve already been there several times.)

p.s. Ryan did agree to go out on that date with me. Even though I wasn’t very slick about sending him the invite. I emailed it to him, and then waited at my desk 25 yards away, hoping for a response. When I didn’t get one after about a minute and a half … I stood behind him at his desk and pointed to his email window. :-p Ryan had a great steak at dinner, and Robin hood was in English – which made for a relaxing experience – even if it did rain on us everywhere we went. :)



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5 responses to “Metodo di Navigazione

  1. dave, dad

    paper maps ?? !!

    how old school :-)

    • I know, it’s kind of great. I take all of the amazing technology embodied by google maps, and use it to print out a piece of paper that I can shove in my pocket and refer to on the side of the road. It turns out that that’s what works best on the motorino. And I won’t get lost even if the battery dies on my phone. :)

  2. Dan

    protip: printing maps onto glossy inkjet paper makes them water-resistant!

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