4 Circoli

4 Circles

I was invited to a thing the other night, and while I was given a pass b/c I work & most of the other women don’t, I felt like I’d be more likely to be invited back if I brought a little appetizer. If I had been in the US, I probably would have just stopped by some gourmet pre-prepared place and just bought something, but I haven’t really found that around here. And so, I had an adventure. I brain stormed, and I called in reinforcements for brain storming (thanks Aunt Marcia!). At 6pm I left work armed with a plan: I was going to stop really quick at the grocery store, put something together, and get to my friend’s house by 7pm.

Of course, that’s not what happened. See if you can follow along:

Can you find all the circles?

I left work at 6pm, took the motorino (to skip around traffic) and headed to the grocery store.

On the way to the grocery store, I got confused. I made it to the piazza that I thought was near the grocery store, but the store was to the left, I was to the right, and the road only went more right. I went right, circled back towards home, and drove the way I normally walk to the store. Which worked great until I hit the one way road that was coming towards me from the grocery store. I gave up and parked. (That’s two circles …)

At the grocery store I successfully bought half the ingredients for two separate appetizers. I was sort of hoping that I’d get lucky and the other ingredients would be in hidden compartments in the cabinets in my kitchen. By the time I left the grocery store, it was 7pm, which was when I was supposed to be at my friend’s house.

On the way home from the grocery store, I guessed at where to turn – twice, and ended up at the grocery store. I tried again, this time making a bigger circle so I could get back to the road I know I take home from bowling. (Two more circles…)

By the time I had made it home, I had given up on the idea of bringing an appetizer. So I ran upstairs, grabbed a bottle of tiramisu liqueur, and a bottle of chocolate chili liqueur and called it done.


I’ll be looking for things to bring appetizers to this weekend, now that I have all these ingredients. :)


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