People who work in Rome get a lot of guests. I have heard all kinds of horror stories of guests who came to visit and didn’t shower, or ate all the food in the refrigerator, or just plain wouldn’t leave. My parents, while they were determined to leave us with a good story to tell our friends – failed miserably. If anything, it was the hosts who could have done better. ;-)
One of my friends had an aunt come to visit this past week. When her aunt arrived, my friend had freshly baked banana bread made with nutella. When my parents arrived, the kitchen had peanut butter and mustard. . . and no bread.
Italian Quote of the Day:

“Gli ospiti sono come il pesce – dopo 3 giorni, puzzano”

Guests are like fish – after three days, they smell.

It’s a good thing my parents were only at my house for two days before we hit the road up to Cinque Terre! Pictures to come . . .


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  1. dave, dad

    Hey!! You two were great hosts, showing us parts of the city we would have never found on our own, directing us to great restaurants with fabulous food, serving great wines with bread, cheese, olives & olive oil at home, motorino rides up and down hills on the calm streets of Rome, incredible gelato, the subway at rush hour, walking up & down “slip and you die” hiking trails in Cinque Terre, arranging a guided art tour of the embassy, and on & on….. we had a great time.

    True we did have thoughts of giving you a guest experience with which you could amuse your friends but we just did not have the imagination to come up with anything original.

    Sooooooooooo, we behaved instead.

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