Sabato Mattina

Saturday Morning

We’re not morning people… So when a buzzer went off in the general vicinity of our front door, an adventure ensued:

<Ryan stumbles out of bed toward the front door>

Kate: Where are you going? You know you’re not dressed, right?

<Ryan goes to the citofono – the intercom by the front door>

Ryan: Kate can you come here? I can’t understand him.

<Kate goes to the citofono>

Kate: Pronto? (Hello) … There’s no one there.
Ryan: He said something about the car. Maybe it was the portiere, or maybe they were talking about the portiere. I don’t know. I guess we should go downstairs.

<We dress & go downstairs>

Portiere(doorman): You left the light on in your car.
Kate: Ohh, he didn’t understand you.
Portiere: I could tell.
Portiere (to Ryan, in Italian): I don’t speak English, and you don’t speak Italian. We will never understand each other!
Kate: Well, for him it’s also easier when it’s not morning. He doesn’t work very well in the morning.


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One response to “Sabato Mattina

  1. Awww, how well I remember Ryan’s mornings…he would barely make it to school by the bell. He needs to get to bed earlier…computers have a mesmerizing effect that can keep you attached into the wee hours! I know :)

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