Sporcare: si, Pulire: non

to Dirty: yes, to Clean: no

An email I received from the housing management section at work:

In addition, the Building Administrator asked us to advise you that, due to Building Regulations, it is not possible to wash cars in the condominium garage/parking area.

My Response:


In reference to the ‘Building Regulations’ – I would like to receive a copy of the ‘Regulations’ for my building.

We washed our motorino on Sunday morning on the side of the driveway such that we were in no one’s way. Cars could get by us without a problem, we made no mess, and we were there for less than an hour. 7 other residents of the building walked by and we exchanged pleasant greetings. One resident stopped her car to aggressively berate my husband saying that she was shocked that he would even think of doing such a thing, that it was unfair to the other residents, and that ‘at least you could do it inside’ (all in English). I spoke to the portiere after this incident and asked him if he knew of any reason why we should not be able to wash our motorino as we were doing. He seemed surprised that we would have had a problem with anyone and said that he knew of no such rule. (Although I got the impression that he had a suspicion as to which woman might have bothered us.)

We have reason to believe that the woman who berated my husband is the person who complained to the ‘Building Administrator’ (who I assume is not the portiere), and that she is the wife of the man who has harassed a coworker of ours who also lives in the building. (After repeated harassment, that man has been reported to RSO).

We would like very much to be responsible members of our community, but we do not wish to be harassed into compliance. A copy of the building regulations will help us ensure that we are following the rules, while also giving us recourse and protection from harassment.

Thank you,

Kate Nowicki


*sigh* Apparently dog poop is completely acceptable all over the sidewalks of our high end neighborhood, but washing a motorino is positively unthinkable!


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