Una Degustazione di Vino

A Wine Tasting

Che bella la Chianti!

I went to my first wine tasting at the Rome Wine Academy recently, it was pretty cool. We tasted 10 Chiantis – and it turns out that when you taste them all back to back like that, you really can tell a difference! Who knew? It was actually great because it was at my level. Not too high brow, and I learned a lot. We talked about the chianti region, and the San Giovese grape which is a major player in Chiantis.  The tasting was about 20 Euro, so the price was right, and it’s located right under the Spanish steps, so it’s conveniently located as well. I’m thinking of going back for more tastings – it can’t hurt to learn a little bit, while I’m here right? Actually, like many things in Italy, it turns out that there was apparently a hidden rule I didn’t know about. Something happened, and it’s now white wine season. Everyone who used to have red wine with everything is now having white wine. The other night we went to an aperitivo and they didn’t even have Chianti. I guess it’s something like the ‘No White shoes after Labor Day’ rule.


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