Sono Ancora Qui?

They are Still Here?

If you recall, Ryan and I have had some disagreements about what to do with my VHS tapes. Eventually I unpacked them all, and nestled my VCR in with all the other Audio/Video equipment, and Ryan began a project to rip all of my VHS to digital format. A few months have gone by, and about half of my videos have been ripped.

Ryan: Where can I put the vhs tapes that I’ve ripped – that’s not here?
Kate: You can throw them away.
Ryan: <pause>
Kate: I thought that was the point.
Ryan: <pause>
Kate: Are you going to lose the data?
Ryan: They’re not backed up anywhere – except on the tapes
Kate: Its’a  tape backup!
Dorky giggles from both parties
Kate: Just throw them away.
Ryan: I don’t want to.
Kate: What? You just don’t like to throw things away?
Ryan: I did not anticipate this. . .  So, where can I put them?
Kate: I don’t know, you can put them somewhere else then.
Ryan: That’s what I was going to do. Where is the box they were in?
Kate: I threw it away.
Ryan: This is terrible.



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3 responses to “Sono Ancora Qui?

  1. dave, dad

    That’s very funny. However though you both may have had an outburst of dorky giggles, I know you are both computer geeks. You simply do not possess the social ineptitude to qualify as dorks, nerds or dweebs.

    And in true geek fashion I have found a Venn diagram to explain the distinctions amongst the terms:

  2. christine nowicki

    Kate – amy told me this weekend that she can see you have issues with throwing things away – as evident on your Farmville farm. it upsets her that you still have Christmas decorations on there.

    It gave me a good laugh. :)

    • Your comment made me laugh out loud too. :)

      Hey now, I put a whole bunch of my Farmville Christmas decorations in storage recently. I may have even deleted one or two. :)

      And this time RYAN is the one who doesn’t want to throw old things away.

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