Tutto è Rotto

Everything is Broken

Just before my parents arrived for their visit in Rome, everything started falling apart.

Our motorino had to be taken for repairs (soft brakes, flat tires, and a broken spedometer)

The internet at work was down – which, it turns out, is my job to fix.

The wall at our house had a big hole in it, and the embassy repair guys were incapable of arranging an appointment (to make me sit and home so it could get fixed) more than 24 hours in advance.

And the internet at home was down. Which, of all the broken things, was absolutely the worst. I called the internet company every day for 5 days. And every day they told me there was a bill I hadn’t paid, and every day I faxed them the evidence that I had. And then they would say “Oh wait, it wasn’t that bill, it’s this other bill”. Have I mentioned that I have to pay the bills for my internet service by receiving a piece of paper in the mail, and then taking that piece of paper to the post office and paying in cash? An awesome system, really. On the fifth day they turned my internet service back on. Not because they had finally received faxed evidence that I had paid all my bills, but because I told them that I had been calling every day, that every day they decided it was a new bill I hadn’t paid, that every day I faxed the receipt for the supposedly unpaid bill of the day, and that I had paid them all. And she said “You’ve paid them all?” And I said Yes. And she said “Ok, I’ll turn your service back on.” Wait, what? Um, ok …

After listening to me whine for 15 minutes, complete with my assertion that “Everything is broken” … a friend said “Except your relationship!”
And he was right. It’s good to be thankful for the things that are intact. :)


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One response to “Tutto è Rotto

  1. dave, dad

    Well as you taught mom & I ( and all of your blog readers):

    Tutto bene, niente a posto.

    “All is well, nothing is as it should be.”

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